Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soul Real

Another original poem:

Soul Real

The outside might be damaged
But what's within is Soul Real
This is just an excerpt of
How my soul feels:

So much more than
A stand-up guy
Cause I was raised in a
Good way if you're wondering why
Not concerned with your swagger
Because my demeanor is
So much meaner.
But that's just on the outside.
Come take a peek at the man within.
Not one to perpetrate a life of no sin.
But I have no regrets
No remorse.
Confident in what I've been
Take a look on the inside
Are you happy with the person within?
If you're having a hard time with that
ask yourself one thing.
If I were given the crown
Would I deserve to be King?

So cool on the outside
So Real within
My soul wants to speak
Will you be the one to listen?

Some say life is a game
And if that's so
I'm in it to win
But I'm doing it on my terms
Cause I like the way
I do things
Competition squirms as
I enter the ring
Due to a reputation I earned
Because of the monster within
A tenacious best of
Dedication and
A champion in my world
No single man is higher

The outside is damaged
But what's within is Soul Real
Been through Heaven & Hell
This is how my Soul feels

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