Monday, April 26, 2010

Beautiful Struggle

Quoted from the hook of a Talib Kweli song called: The Beautiful Struggle

The revolution's here
No one can lead you off your path
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh
No one can change your ways
No one can lead you off your path
You'll try to change the world
So please excuse me while I laugh

Heard this song for the first time in a while, good song, verses and hook are very on point

Sunday, April 25, 2010



Everyone deserves happiness
But not everyone will find it
It's pursuit will leave many blinded
Some will do anything to achieve it
Others will use substance to deceive it
Sometimes its not meant to be
Cold facts
Have to believe it
Happiness comes in many forms
But it best when it's real
Not a facade, a shadow of how you should feel
Time is a bandage that all sorrows it will heal
May not be immediate but soon you'll see that happiness is real...

Lose My Mind

Jeezy & Plies I fucks with this song:

It's been a long time

20 days between post, that's just uncalled for. I did have a post about 2 weeks ago I just never unleashed it, self-censorship at it's worst. But that's how it's gotta be sometimes. Anyway we're here today, time is now. Life as always is rough, there's good there's bad and then there's the middle of the road. Seems like there is a constant cycle of disappointment as of late. I try my best to not let these things get the best of me, it becomes very difficult at times but I refuse to let life get the best of me.

Quick Randoms:
Shyne needs to re-learn how to rap
Music was so much better in the late 90's early 2000's
Pasta Taco FTMFW
Back on my Gin twist

Until next time. Peace bitches.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Quick Thoughts

No time for beefing just trying to get at this money and get m life where I want it to be. Until you actually stop me from making money or cause physical harm to me or my fam there will never be a reason for me to have too much ill will towards any one person. With that being said Hope everyone is doing well and isn't letting the stupid things in life effect them negatively. Negative energy begets negative energy. Fuck Beefing Get Money.

To those of you who read my blog thank oyu. Leave a comment in a language that I can read from time to time. Til next time. Peace bitches.