Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Believe In Me

The following is an original poem by myself enjoy:

If I could all I'd listen to was your heart beat
'Cause it plays my favorite song
The following is a story on how we could get along

All you have to do to accept me is open your heart
I will be your inspiration, better yet your fresh start
Help rebuild a world which you thought was ripped apart
There's a new mission now to bring light to all you thought was dark

And to start:
I just wanna make you happy but don't know how to make you feel that way
Protect your heart with my soul, and I'm just waiting for the day
The day you you give in and let me melt that ice away
The purity of my heart and soul washing all your pain away

Sometimes I find myself listening to Sade "The Sweetest Taboo"
If I didn't know better I'd swear she stole my thoughts
And wrote that song about you
And if you could listen to my heart you'd see it's all true
That it was meant to be
Happiness & You

Your umbrella in the rain,
Your shade in the sun
What ever you need me to be
I've only got 1 request from you
And that's to believe in me.

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