Friday, October 23, 2009

So Sick

Another original by the Poet P (that would be me)

So Sick

So Sick of the same love poems
And the lame emotions they evoke
From depressing lows to marijuana highs
And you don't even smoke
Not talking about facebook when you tell a chick
That you just tryna poke
But she just laughs and giggles
Like you just told a joke
So sick of your swag
And how fly you claim to be
Sounds real suspect,
Lookin more like a fag if you asking me
Super tight jeans and extra big shoes
Looking Like a Clown Is In
Top story on the evening News
So sick of the same stories
With different faces
All you do is bitch
Then wonder why you ain't going places
Same actions equal same results
So whipe up your tears no more time to sulk
So Sick of being So sick
Just gonna sit back and relax
Yeah that's the remedy
Can't walk through life
With bullshit stressing me

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