Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love VS Lust

Another Original Poem by yours truly

Love Vs. Lust

Don't wanna argue
Don't wanna fuss
Just wanna call you my lady
Make this World about Us
Never question your moves
See your the 1 that I trust.
This could be that thing called love
Or is it that I'm still in lust?

Don't wanna seem insensitive
But I crave your touch
Don't ruin the moment
Don't talk too much
Just live in the moment
No need to rush
This won't last forever
Wether it be Love or Lust

Despite a meeting of our minds
Or a meeting of our hearts
I knew that these 4 letters words
Were gonna battle from the start
Too late to change things now
In the battle between Lust and Love
We all must bow
But that doesn't mean things are over
How bout 1 more round

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