Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Philadelphia Demeanor Pt. 2

So my book has shipped I have several copies coming to me directly. 5 to be exact 1 for my mom dukes, cause I know she'll cherish it with all her heart the rest are for sale. I have 1 sold already, which means I'll have 3 available for sale at the Poetry show on the 14 and I'm hoping I sell those 3 that day. I joked on twitter that if I sell 10 copies online I will get me a crazy tattoo, but I was half serious if I sell enough online then I'm def going into NY and hitting up Grin Stylez and getting some ink done. Check his work out here: Grin Stylez. I'm already thinking about a Part Two to this book, with all new material, which means I gotta get this pen to the pad. Typing out poems is one thing, but when you actually write them down there's something more organic to the work.

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