Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Few & Far Between

These are starting to become few and far between. I'm not liking that much. Or at all actually. I've stopped posting links to music out of pure greed of not wanting to share. And with that being said has anyone heard Big Sean feat. Mr. Hudson - Way Out? It's a dope song, Try and find it I'm sure you can you tube it. Other things I'm fancying at the moment are my brand new Nexus One...say what you want Blackberry and iPhone junkies, what Google is doing with it's Android operating system for cell phones, tho not totally revolutionary is quite impressive and the feel of it surpasses any other experiences I've had with any other phone I've had, including Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone. Enough about my pretty new toy.

I'm still waiting on my taxes to get done. One more week and I'm going to have to get my paperwork back from the person who's supposed to be helping me get them done. I hate waiting. I need this money. End. When you want something done, best to get it done yourself always holds true. Especially for me, being very particular with how things get done.

Projects on the horizon: Philadelphia Demeanor Deluxe Edition. (Cheaper, more poetry, more of what I really wanted my 1st poetry book to be.) Poetry Book # 2 still to be titled. And hopefully memorization of my poetry. I also wanna teach myself how to play the guitar and start getting in better shape...

Well I think Ima cut it here for now. Still have a lot to talk about but I'll save it for another post. And I leave you with this little gem:

Big Sean feat Mr Hudson - Way Out enjoy.

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