Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 Weeks

Damn I was supposed to be doing these more often. Well it surely isn't for lack of things on my mind or anything like that. Just haven't gotten around to sharing. So lets start from the most recent event of buying a car from the auction. I now own 1997 Chrysler Sebring runs good, but needs some work. Also there's a poetry show coming up next month and another book coming soon. This past week I've been training at a BMER (beamer) store for Boost Mobile. Lets see how this change effects my gig, hopefully for the best. Maybe I can get some more money. That's the most current stuff. Besides that there isn't really that much more. Life is life what's the use in bitching and complaining? Actually I think that's all for now. Kinda watchin a movie. Til Next Time. Peace Bitches.

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