Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Wonder...

So listening to a little Kanye West been wanting to blog for a while about a few things so here goes nothing.

Today kinda sucked, it's never good to be woken up with a call about having to go to the ER with your mom cause her back is acting up again. I truly hate hospitals and seeing my mom in pain. But shouts to the staff of Einstein Medical Center much more professional and personable than the fuck boys at Frankford Hospital. Not gonna spend to much time on this but I really hope once my mom has this back surgery that everything will be better for her. She's been through a lot since getting hurt working back in 08. But it's about time to move on to the next.

Haiti has been all over the news everywhere and not to seem insensitive, but it's starting to become one of those enough already things. Certain types of people take things like this as an opportunity to preach to others, when 3 weeks ago they probably had no knowledge of Haiti or the type of condition their people have been living in. I hope that all this donated money goes into making Haiti BETTER than it was before. As for me I have donated what I can. But I have a family that needs to make sure rent and bills are paid. I have personal debts, wants needs etc. Haiti is still in my prayers and has been before the unfortunate incident. Haitian refugees used to get turned away on the beaches of Miami forced to go back to a country where there was little to no hope for a better life. So to my Haitian brethren I say Sac Passé in the end it all will be ok. It has to be.

On a personal note things are seemingly going better for me currently. My current bills are mostly caught up, not those Student Loans or Capital One bills tho [they are going to have to wait a while]. Hopefully this tax season gives me the ability to purchase another car. Having to depend on my brother to go places and getting to work sucks. I need my independence I need to be able to go where I want when I want listening to what I want. Not to mention I hate the way everyone who isn't named Irwin Roman [me] drives.

I want/need more tattoos gotta get this one arm finished up still debating on what to put on there. I think some clean text needs to be there. Then there's the other forearm and then the several tattoos that I really want done. 1 of which being the lyrics to 'Una Mirada' Which is the song at the end of Man on Fire. That will most likely go on the back of my arm.

It was my Dad's birthday on the 23rd which was Friday, and it's been about 12 years since he passed and the pain of not having him around is the same as the day it happened. You miss the little things the most. So if you have a good relationships with your parents I beg of you to just cherish it. I know it's hard to always appreciate everything they do, but you'll miss it one day.

The ramblings could go on forever but I find myself editing my own thoughts, which mean it's time to bring this blog to a close.

I have a lot to say, but I choose to stay silent. Not for my benefit, but for yours.

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