Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The shoes above have nothing to do with this post, but I'll most likely buy and wear them for the 2.14.10 Poetry show Ima be in.

Today I have a feeling of accomplishment I got a lot of things done from work til a little over an hour ago. When I got to work I took it upon myself to put up all the car and house chargers if not they woulda sat in the black trash bags for ever, I then made the Boost display nice and purty when Fed-Ex delivered them. I also had changed out the old posters with the new ones, and as far as sales we did pretty good as far as that's concerned. Now on the more personal side of things I got to target and bought "The Gold's Gym Circuit Training System" which is fancy talk for pull up bar and perfect push ups. Also copped up on some resistance bands (Gonna start P90X next wee), Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and some other odds and ends. All capped off with updating my resumé and sending it off to my nigga Bert who is gonna try and get me into Children's Hospital. Praying for the best with that. 2010 no time for bullshit focused on making the best of what I have, which isn't much but my bills will be paid and I'll have some extra money for the first time in a long time...gotta save for a car with that cash. And these are my ramblings for today. God bless the people of Hispaniola (Haiti & the Dominican Republic) crazy, crazy earthquake hit them.

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