Monday, December 21, 2009


2009 was supposed to be a good for me. Or at least that's how I planned it out in my head. But that's not quite how it all went down. Less than 2 weeks into the year and I got Laid Off of my corporate gig @ Merrill Lynch (Fuck Bank Of America) . Moved back in w/ Mom Dukes and Lil Bro after about 5 years of being on my own, huge adjustment I'm not quite sure they yet understand. I was caking for a little bit though, severance pay plus unemployment, but all that money ended up going into the new spot me and the fam moved in. Bought couches & all.

So I was thinking, fuck it I'm just gonna get my Nerd Gang on and get into this Photography/Editing shit did a few flyers for some wack ass rappers, but money is green so hey. As far as the photography thing tho, didn't quite work out for a few reasons (working solo is key, too many hands in the pot people start having visions of what they want, when they had nothing to do with the original idea. Doesn't work that way).

All this as well as various other problems, health of family members, money issues, knee issues. Living with constant daily pain in your knee isn't all that fun, whether it's just annoying nagging pain or straight up this shit fuckin hurts pain. But not everything was bad in 09 met some cool new people became closer with some friends, less close with others, shit happens. And I'm sitting here just thinking damn it all flew by well 2010 quickly approaches. So just hoping for a productive 2010. Heres to a new year & new beginnings.

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