Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Philadelphia Demeanor

A poem in the works being written by yours truly:

Philadelphia Demeanor

Born and raised between Northern Liberties and The Badlands
The streets were rough so I had no liberties
Parents raised me well so i wouldn't be a bad man
Still every weekend you can catch me down in the Badlands
Never forget where you from
Cause once you turn your back on 'em your done
But you won't really catch me in Northern Liberties no more
It's kinda bourgie now
Nothing how it was when I was around
It's quieter now not the same gun clap and siren sounds
Being from there you would have thought we all were
Penitentiary bound, but I made it in the world with never
Hearing the "lights out" jail sounds.
See I'm not braggin or boastin
Just not a statistic, so I realize there's still hope in...
Hope in the fact that you don't have to rap or play sports
Or fall back on drug dealin as a last resort
But cross my family and you won't get a chance to retort
You see I'm just in a Philly State of Mind better yet
This is my Philadelphia Demeanor
But a better Philly is still what I dream for...

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